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Do You Believe In A Kid?

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We Believe Restoring A Kid's Hope Is Life Changing.

If You Can Spend 1 Hour Or More Let Us Know.

Believe in a kid, volunteer ONE HOUR a week!

Helping In 


  • Supervision & Security

    • One hour can help a kid by hanging out with them, keeping them safe, watching out for strangers, & being there for them.
  • Teen Mommy Shoppe

    • One hour can help a kid by sorting through clothing, holding their baby, playing with a child while she shops, & helping organize.
  • City Buck Shop

    • One hour can help a kid when you run the City Buck Shop & when you serve them PIZZA'ZZZZZZ.
  • Office

    • One hour can help a kid when our financial needs are met using your fundraising experience, when you use your skills assisting us, making phone calls & entering data in our office.
  • Maintenance

    • One hour can help a kid by keeping things clean, working, by doing minor repairs, by helping with set up or tear down & help us keep our storage areas organized.


  • The Arts (Including Music Lessons)

    • One hour can help a kid explore their talent, develop their abilities, reach for more possibilities, discover their hidden talent, & push their limits.
  • Educational Enrichment (Tutoring)

    • One hour can help a kid academically, achieve their goal & do the unthinkable.


  • Sport Activities (Basketball, BoxPark, Etc.)

    • One hour can help a kid follow their dreams when you help coach, find the strength he always had, become a trainer, & show off their skills.
  • Parental Training

  • Chaplains

  • Mentoring

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